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Fraser Valley Tarp will custom-make Tarps for all shapes and sizes. Construction tarps for your work areas, roofs and buildings. Insulated tarps covers and blankets used for curing concrete and hoarding. Custom constructions tarps with custom sizes and weights of the tarp materials. Construction covers for rent or sale available all the time. With a large stock of Trucking Accessories and Tarp Rentals, you can count on Fraser Valley Tarp & Tie to fill your needs. Contact us via email or phone on Pacific Standard Time in Langley, BC Canada. Langley in case you’re wondering is just outside Vancouver and the Port Kells area is just off 200th and Highway 1. We service and sell to BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Yukon, Alaska and Washington State.


Fraser Valley Tarp was founded in 1981, as a back-yard business. The Company has expanded to over 8400 sq.ft. warehouse space, our facilities and reputation are second to none. The warehouse lot is designed for drive through service, big enough for the biggest trailers. With our modern plant we can look after all your Tarping and Accessories needs.


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